Benefits Of MetaDock

Multi sign-in

Sign as many times as you want to the same website(s). Stay logged in as long as the site(s) permit.

Layout system

A unique layout system means that you can dock as many windows as you like in a single window.


Workspaces means that you can save your layout and come back to it later. Not only that, it’s exportable and you can share it with your friends or colleagues. Install workspace presets if you’re curious to see some sample layouts.

Multi-proxy support

Offering one of a kind multi-proxy support. One proxy per profile.

Multi-instance support

Run as many instances as MetaDock as you want for any purpose. Title the windows as you need to.

App support (BETA)

MetaDock experimentally supports docking applications into the interface, such as LibreOffice Calc, StreamLabs Desktop, Rocket League, and more…

Panic button

Whether that be an important phone call, a client who shouldn’t be seeing your screen, or otherwise, we make it easy. Press F2.

Comparison tool

Search multiple search engines really quickly and compare information quickly, including popular sites like Google, Ebay, and Amazon.

Customizable functionality

You can change how MetaDock works by changing how windows open & how links open.

Floating windows

Windows can float outside of MetaDock, minimize, go full screen, or do whatever needs to be done.

Ability to disable scripts

You can disable scripts globally on all browser windows or on individual ones easily

Auto-refreshing windows

Set your websites to auto refresh. Set a custom timer in seconds up to an hour away or as soon as every second.

Lockable interface

Worried about messing up your interface? You can lock the interface and make the layout static at any point by pressing F9.

Multi-monitor support

MetaDock supports as many monitors as your computer can handle


You can manually move the position of windows in your layout in a unique and intuitive way

Customizable interface

Change the colors of the interface, or try interface themes.

Hidden windows

Similar to the panic button, if you have a single window you want to hide the contents of, without hiding everything, you can.

Simply click into the window you wish to hide, and press F8.

TradingView shortcuts

Using quick shortcut keys, you can quickly bring up many TradingView ticker symbols at the same time, without visitng the website.

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Automatic docking

MetaDock automatically docks new windows dynamically into your layout, so you don’t have to.