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What MetaDock Does for You!


Finance & Trading

Easily monitor financial markets by loading up multiple charts onto one screen. This is particularly useful for finance professionals and traders who need to keep an eye on different financial instruments and market trends.


Social Media Management

Multiple profile fingerprinting and proxy support means that you can have multiple profiles open on the same websites, with a different IP address on each one.


Customer Support

Are you grappling with a shortage of monitors while juggling numerous chat conversations with clients? Simply anchor each chat box across as many windows as you require! Transform your single or dual monitor arrangement into a versatile setup supporting half a dozen or more windows.

And more...

Multi sign-in

Tired of logging in and out of multiple accounts manually? Do it ONCE, and let MetaDock do the work for you forever!

Paint Your Custom Workspace

Dock it like you want it! No more manual resizing of multiple apps so they don’t overlap. Instead, fit them like perfect jigsaw puzzles!

Share Your Custom Docks

Give your coworkers a helping hand and send them a link to install your workspace creation onto their PC! Simple solution for those too lazy to build their own, but who want to use one like the pros!

Multi-browser Location Changer

Working on multiple international clients’ social media accounts and need to constantly change your IP addresses? MetaDock handles that for you and you can set it up to run a tailored IP location service quickly on startup using proxies!

Multi-instance support

Take full control of all your windows all at once! Place them wherever you want them on your screen, and adjust their sizes according to your needs.

Dock Your Apps (BETA)

Add your favorite desktop applications to the MetaDock docking station! It’s not just multi-browser support, but multi-app as well!


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