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Use MetaDock to simplify your life and put an end to the issue of continuously switching between windows when performing particular tasks!

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MetaDock is a split-screen window manager for Windows 10 & 11 64-bit

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Save time and money by doing more things at once

By maximizing visual real estate you guarantee yourself maximum productivity. Work on multiple things at once and become more productive today with MetaDock.


Multi sign-in

Sign as many times as you want to the same website(s). Stay logged in as long as the site(s) permit.

Layout system

A unique layout system means that you can dock as many windows as you like in a single window.


Workspaces means that you can save your layout and come back to it later. Not only that, it’s exportable and you can share it with your friends or colleagues. Install workspace presets if you’re curious to see some sample layouts.

Multi-proxy support

Offering one of a kind multi-proxy support. One proxy per profile.

Multi-instance support

Run as many instances as MetaDock as you want for any purpose. Title the windows as you need to.

App support (BETA)

MetaDock experimentally supports docking applications into the interface, such as LibreOffice Calc, StreamLabs Desktop, Rocket League, and more…

Use Cases


Finance & Trading

Easily monitor financial markets by loading up multiple charts onto one screen. This is particularly useful for finance professionals and traders who need to keep an eye on different financial instruments and market trends.


Market Research & Competitive Analysis

MetaDock enhances your ability to conduct market research and competitive analysis. With the unique layout system, you can compare information across various websites in real time.


Social Media Managment

Multiple profiles fingerprinting and proxy support means that you can have multiple profiles open on the same websites, with a different IP address on each one.


Customer support

Connect to multiple chatrooms across popular platforms simultaneously with MetaDock. This makes it easy to manage customer support across different platforms in one interface.


Project Management & Collaboration

Facilitate project management and collaboration through MetaDock's multi-instance support. Open different windows for project tracking tools, video conferencing, and documentation, all in one layout.


Development & Testing

Create multiple windows of different responsive sizes and variations to test your applications across multiple screen sizes at once. Dock developer environments alongside your testing windows for an efficient workflow.


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